Hotel GÓL
Legionářská 12 (entrance is from the street U Stadionu)
771 11 OLOMOUC

IČ: 76101169
DIČ: CZ7862065365
IBAN: CZ 46 0300 0000 0002 1978 7389
Č.účtu: 219787389/0300


Phone +420 585 229 813

Mobile +420 773 602 612

E-mail info@hotel-gol.eu

Web www.hotel-gol.eu

GPS: 49°36'1.273"N, 17°14'51.180"E

Opening hours NON STOP
Check-in 14:00
Check-out 11:00 

Operator: Monika Černá





How to reach us if you are traveling:

For better orientation we have deployed since the new year in Manchester and around 15 directional information signs with the words "Hotel Gol, quality accommodation in the center, which will lead to us!

- by train -

The Olomouc main station take tram No. 4 or 7 and go about 10 minutes. to the city center, where he stops off at Heroes' Square. We will walk toward outpatient SPEA and then walk around, so you should be on your right side. Later you will see a supermarket Billa and aircraft. If you walk straight ahead until you see Lingua language school and turn to the right. After about a minute longer walk you will see directional signs that will guide you to the left, the Hotel Gol.


- bus -

The Olomouc bus subway station and wait at the tram stop for tram No 4 When you get to the center, stop off at Heroes' Square. Other details are the same, viz. travel by train.


- car -

When traveling by car in the direction of Prague is the best access route for the highway D1 to Brno and then by road 1 No Class E 462 in Olomouc. Clockwise from Ostrava use highway 1 No Class E 462 direction Olomouc. The entrance to the city of Olomouc, follow signs "downtown. " Drive through the center to the Heroes' Square and at the last intersection, turn right / left side you will see a supermarket Billa. After a while you reach the traffic lights, turn left and after 100m again left. After a few seconds you will see information directional signs that will guide you right to the Hotel Gol.